Frigidaire Refrigerators

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High-performance Fridges to Upgrade Your Kitchen Look

Designed keeping functionality in mind, our Frigidaire refrigerators offer practical solutions for freezing and storing food for longer times. Choose from our great range that not only looks elegant and sleek but would also help you minimize your food wastage.

Make your living better and easy

With refrigerators ranging in size from 24" to 36", standup and chest freezers, as well as a bar and wine fridges, Frigidaire can satisfy all your cooling requirements. The refrigerators come in stainless steel or white and come in top-freezer designs, as well as French door variants with integrated ice and water dispensers.

To fit whatever, you want inside, features like Store-More shelves allow you to change the look in up to 100 different ways. Meanwhile, humidity controls help keep produce fresher for longer in the easy-to-open crisper drawers. Large quantities of food, including meats, vegetables, fruits, and pre-cooked meals, can be kept frozen in upright and chest freezers. And a wine cooler or bar is perfect for storing your wine bottles at the right temperature.

Ravishing features that you can't resist of

If in case you store excess food in the fridge, then also your food will be prevented from spoiling as it is advanced Crisp Seal® Plus technology embedded inside it that automatically removes the not needed moisture inside. The Space Wise® organization system offers you much-needed space inside the fridge, such as there are in-door condiment storage spaces inside, the slide under shelf, and the accessory railing system for making food organization easy.

The Frigidaire refrigerators are pure innovation

You get the much-needed door configurations for the utmost convenience. The choice of refrigeration style depends on your family size, available kitchen space, and the family lifestyle as well. The range includes French doors, side-by-side, top freezers, and bottom freezers. The typical lifespan of a refrigerator, regardless of its kind, is believed to be around 13 years. Additionally, if you bought your refrigerator more than 16 years ago, it may be using twice as much energy as most Energy Star models.

Awesome Wi-Fi connectivity makes your family time fun

The possibilities are always endless with the Frigidaire smart refrigerator, and the capabilities vary as per the models as there are some ranges that also come with the superb Wi-Fi connectivity feature as well that allow you to do certain things. You can see the contents inside the fridge using your smartphone, and also you can keep track of the expiration dates of your frozen items. Apart from this, make a shopping list or control your home automation as well from your other smart devices in your home. Most impressively, the touchscreen operations make your work extremely easy as a virtual bulletin board is created for family memos on the door, from which you can also view recipes, stream music and browse the web as well.

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