Side By Side Refrigerators

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Things Go Easy when You have a Side-By-Side Fridge

Life is better when you have a smart home that is functioning on modish technologies. With our distinct range and later-day side-by-side fridge range, you can solve your freezing and food preservation hassles easily. Our assortment is designed for both form as well as function and will create a wow factor in your kitchen with the sleek flat-panel design.

Keep your food fresh and frozen for longer

Get lots of space to keep and organize your food in this fridge by keeping the important items at eye level. This fridge would look elegant in both traditional as well as modern kitchen settings. The fridge has ample capacity to store contents saving you on repeated shopping trips.

The features you will love

Our side-by-side fridge features an interview design that would light up the fridge's interior. The amazing Wi-Fi connectivity is also an exciting feature that this fridge has; you would get notified of the instances if the door is open. Or you can also listen to great music as well or learn various recipes online using this feature.

Well-lit interiors and quiet functioning will make your world go round

The LED lighting panels ensure that there is adequate brightness inside the fridge and illuminate every nook and corner of the interior. One can use the ideal temperature controls for whatever foods you are storing inside. Every piece reflects our distinctive style. So, it's time to transform your home with furnishings that truly reflect your particular taste and deliver excellent performance.

This side-by-side refrigerator has specifically designed storage compartments for the products you use the most. A refrigerator with frameless glass shelves and an ice and water dispenser allows you to store more goods on each shelf for loading flexibility, while an in-door can caddy frees up shelf space. You have plenty of room in the drawer to keep meat and cheese as well. The Max cool option is there to support you at times when you need instant ice cubes or for cooling your wines or cocktails for home parties or get-togethers.

Perfect freezing accessories to fit every kitchen type

Our range of side-by-side refrigerators fits every kitchen assortment and offers notable benefits to users. Even if they are a little wider than their regular counterparts, these are still easy to be used and set up in every kitchen space. In short, the installation is easy, not challenging.

Double doors for the best convenience

You'll notice that the side-by-side refrigerator doors need less space to swing open when you use them. This means that you no longer have to worry about creating more space for a side-by-side refrigerator and can rest easy knowing that your other kitchen appliances won't be harmed.

So, have a look at our latest side-by-side fridge collection at our online doorway; you will be delighted with the assortment.

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