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Keep your whites whiter with our washer machines available for sale

We know, we know- nobody likes to do laundry until it’s absolutely necessary. Every weekend, you grudgingly get up and wash your work clothes and home clothes; towels and linens, only wishing if you could be doing anything else but that.

But, we are going to change your weekends by adding a spark of electric excitement. Don’t trust us? Let us explain.

Lastman’s Bad Boy presents for you their truly diverse and exciting range of washers and dryers at the cheapest prices in the top online shopping sale in Canada!

No more boring laundry hours. Instead, you’ll be looking forward to laundry day the entire week-long!

Designs That Match Sophistication

With brands that are well-known for their ultra-modern and chic looks, your washing area is going to look streamlined and classy!

Our selection of washers focus on both functionality as well as aesthetics. With colours that range from white to grey to charcoal black and even extra matte finishes as add-ons, you can easily pick the style and colour that suits your home’s space and interiors.

Ease And Comfort Of Delicate Wash

For your delicates and special apparel, we have just the right fit of washers and dryers that will neither harm your clothes, nor wear them down. With special settings and a rotating drum design, we ensure that your clothes remain happy with each bath.

No more need of hand-washing special fabrics that you fear might get damaged with a rough machine wash!

That said, there are linens that require tough love. Be it bedcovers or table runners, any fabric that is dense and coarse, requires a tough tumble in the washer. Worry not, because we have washing machines on sale that can manage both sides of the spectrum beautifully well. You will not have to worry about laundry day at all.

Wash Off Your Expenses At Our Online Sale

Our top online deals ensure that you get your money’s worth when you buy a washer and dryer from our online shopping prices. We can promise you that you won’t find a better discount anywhere while shopping online. We believe we should bring you the best products at the most affordable prices and we always look out for opportunities to do that.

Pre-order or buy on sale, your washer and dryer will make it safely to your doorstep at the earliest. We can bet that you will find a reason to replace your existing washing machine, the discounts are THAT good!

Grab Your Washer Now!

Say goodbye to lint, clogged pipes and long laundry hours with a brand new, cheap and top-of-the-class washer and dryer. Chill on laundry weekends by literally getting a load off and giving it to your washer.

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