Black Friday Electronics

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Invigorate your home by bringing Hi-tech Electronics this Black Friday season

Durable electronics offer the utmost satisfaction without compromising with the home's architectural design. Seemingly, a perfect investment you can add in your home this 2023 Black Friday, the wide range of top branded electronics, will bring life to your home.

With various exceptional TVs, Video players, home theatre, and related accessories, watch your favourite sports, movies, videos, etc. from your sofa's comfort. With superior usability, get the best of your gadgets with excellent control via your smartphone or URC smart home automation. Compiled from the latest and top brands, we aim to make your shopping worthwhile.  

Televisions & Video 

A TV is a must electrical device in a modern home. Televisions offer extreme functionalities like monitoring, computer functions, music, and display functions, even though earlier intended for entertainment purposes. When it comes to selecting the best TV, Lastman’s Bad Boy has already compiled a reliable list for your entertainment needs. 

Blu-ray players 

The Blu-ray player is a basis for a modern home entertainment system. Unlike their DVD counterpart, a Blu-ray is a backbone for all videos and audios that you enjoy. When it comes to blockbusters and other classic movies, a Blu-ray offers the best in high-definition. Lastman's Bad Boy presents a wide range of sizable Blu-ray players to suit the available shelf space. Find your choice from the top-rated Blu-ray players for an extraordinary 3D Blu-ray technology experience.

TV accessories 

Pamper your electrical device (TV) with the latest accessories for total flexibility and functionality. From high-speed cables, compatible remote controllers, remote holders, panel TV cables, adapters, to all-new Alexa voice remote, select an exceptional fitting for your TV. 


 You do not need to speed your entire day looking for the right TV; select your choice from our Bad Boy list of TVs By Type. Correctly assembled for an optimal online shopping experience.  

4K Ultra HD TVs & Smart TVs 

 4K Ultra HD TVs are a fantastic technology offering incredible image displays with dynamic crystal colour. Get it for a better entertainment experience. Smart TVs - Enjoy the best streaming services or cable subscriptions via remote control without compromising high-definitions options. The modern cutting-edge smart TVs are designed for multiple functionalities simultaneously with Blu-ray player or speaker outputs.   

Curved TVs & LED TVs

TV designs also matter, and with a curved TV, you will not only get high-resolution images but also reform your home's artistic style. LED TVs- Bring the entertainment to bring a whole new level with Bad Boy's Black Friday deals with only the handpicked LED TVs. Enjoy the best quality picture with 8K Ultra HD, 4K Ultra HD, and 4K HDR display types. Enjoy all the top brands of LED TVs in the latest versions and different sizes. 

OLED/QLED TVs & 8K Ultra HD TVs 

Get the best technology for your television with OLED/QLED TVs' Organic Light-Emitting Diode'. Both TV types support HDR content and have exceptional features. Aesthetically designed for a modern home, smart TVs support several video and app streaming services and offer a great experience.   

Home Theatre & Audio 

Premium and high-quality Sound Bars, Audio Cables, Speakers & Subwoofers at Lastman's Bad Boy offer the best sound experience ever. For TVs, gaming, movies, music, and more, get a top-notch system this shopping weekend with the available sale.    

Wall Mount & TV Stands 

Discover a range of wall mounting accessories and TV stands to upgrade your home theatre and save more space. Available in varying types, compatibility, flexibility, weight, size and hardware, optimize the picture on your screen with durable wall mounts and TV stands.

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Lastman's Bad Boy compiles only the superior electronics- TV types, Blu-ray players, TV accessories, wall mount & TV stands for a remarkable entertainment experience in your home. Offered at the best prices, meet your entertainment needs from the top brands. Enjoy the best of the season's offers, discounts, and deals when you buy online at Bad Boy's store.

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