Danby Parcel Guard Smart Mailbox in Grey DPG37G

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Danby Parcel Guard Smart Mailbox in Grey DPG37G

Danby Parcel Guard is the smartest parcel mailbox for your home.

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Product Overview

Danby Parcel Guard is the smartest parcel mailbox for your home. The Danby Parcel Guard is a safe, touch-less option for online deliveries. No more worrying about porch pirates, missed deliveries or weather damaged boxes. Danby Parcel Guard keeps all your online orders safe until you get home. Simply plug your weather-resistant Danby Parcel Guard in, connect to the Danby Parcel Guard Smart Phone APP and start tracking your deliveries today.

Your delivery driver places your packages inside the mailbox’s anti-theft drop slot and you receive a notification that your package is secured. You can unlock your unit from any smart device, anywhere, making this mailbox great for lending and borrowing with friends too.

Take porch and package security to the next level with this multi-functional unit, loaded with modern features, like tamper alarm, door ajar system reminder, two way communication, Google Home/Alexa voice assistant integration, motion activated security camera, and MORE!



Smart Phone Operated

Apple / Android Apps to control your Wi-Fi connected Danby Parcel Guard from wherever you are

Video Camera and Motion Detection

Providing live and captured video with sound


Package Delivered, Motion Detected, Alarm Activated, Incoming Call and Door Opened or Closed

Two-Way Voice Communication

Receive calls or speak to your delivery driver through your Danby Parcel Guard

Google/Amazon Voice Assistant

Open your Danby Parcel Guard, and check on your current parcel delivery status, using your smart home voice assistant

Unlock from Anywhere

Unlock Danby Parcel Guard from any smart device, anywhere

Security & Alarm

Danby Parcel Guard can be bolted to your porch, a wall, or weighted down to prevent tampering and its ALARM can scare off unwanted activity

Fits Large and Small Parcels

Fits standard parcels 15” x 10” x 8″ in top drop-down compartment or 17” x 13” x 15” (up to 32”) size packages by placing parcels in the bottom door with a burner code.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Grade Materials

Specially designed to withstand all North American weather conditions, won’t rust, no maintenance, tamper resistant

Backup Battery

Ensuring your parcels stay safe even in a power outage

Interior Light

Allowing you to see your packages in the dark

Cloud Service with No Subscription Costs

Designed and Made in North America

More Information
Brand Danby
Model Number DPG37G
Product Dimensions (w x d x h) inch 19.8"W x 15.9"D x 39.4"H
Product Color Grey

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