TV and Video Players

Your TV is the entertainment piece to any space. Let Lastman’s Bad Boy find the right one for you with our wide selection of TVs from top brands with the latest in technology.

With our 4K Ultra HD TVs, you’ll have the sharpest image display with dynamic crystal colour. The technological upgrade from SD to HD changed the way we watch TV and at Bad Boy we have the latest in quality and high definition display. 4K Ultra HD TV provides 3840 x 2160 resolutions giving you the clearest and sharpest images on the market.

  • Samsung: Their standard 4K display is called “UHD TV”

  • LG: Their standard 4K display is called “4K Ultra HD TV”

  • Sony: Their standard 4K displays “4K Ultra HD TV”

Bad Boy carries Sony and LG OLED TVs which stands for “Organic Light Emitting Diode”. Each organic pixel illuminates itself creating a bright and flawless image, every time. Samsung’s QLED is an option which also displays images of the highest quality. Bad Boy also carries higher-end non-OLED 4K display TVS from LG known as “Super UHD”. We always ensure to provide you the latest in technology at the best price.

Our Smart TVS with Wi-Fi connection and Android technology take your television experience to the future with the ability to search the web and connect to your favourite apps. Carrying sizes from 32” to 85”, Bad Boy has the perfect TV fit for you and your home.

Complete your entertainment system with a Blu-Ray Player for all your favourite movies. Whether you're looking for a 3D Blu-ray player or a 4K upscaling model to complement your Ultra HDTV, you’ll find it all at Lastman’s Bad Boy.

Audio System

Think of this as the Sidekick to your perfect TV. With the right audio, your home entertainment system will be taken to new heights. At Lastman’s Bad Boy, we have a large collection of audio systems to ensure that every sound comes out crystal clear. From Multi-room audio, to sleek sound bars, you’ll be sure to find a system that works best for you and your space. Shop at and get the lowest prices guaranteed on all online orders.

Wall Mounts and Stands

Present your TV in the right position, standing high and tall. At Lastman’s Bad Boy, we have a wide selection of TV stands and mounts to make setting up your home system as simple as possible. For customizable viewing and a stylish look, a wall mount and TV stand helps create a comfortable home entertainment experience.

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