Energy Savings Rebate Program

The Energy Savings Rebate program makes energy-efficient products more accessible to people across Ontario.

The Government of Canada is giving you a rebate because of your energy-efficient choices! In collaboration with the Leadership Fund, eligible energy-efficient products will be subject to a 25 percent rebate.* Plus, no need to mail anything in, you'll receive your rebate at the checkout! 

Ontarians are eligible to save up to 25 percent per items (up to $500). The rebate is available in Bad Boy stores and online (

  • ENERGY STAR certified washer
  • ENERGY STAR certified dryer
  • ENERGY STAR certified washer/dryer combo
  • ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher
  • CEE Tier 3 certified refrigerator and/or refrigerator freezer
  • Induction stove top
  • Rebates of 25 percent on Energy Star product
  • Maximum rebate of $500 per item
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