Frigidaire 36" Gas Cooktop in Stainless Steel GCCG3648AS

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Frigidaire 36" Gas Cooktop in Stainless Steel GCCG3648AS

- 36" gas cooktop with 5 burners.

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Product Overview

Upgrade your cooking experience with the Frigidaire 36" Gas Cooktop, designed to get your meals on the table quickly thanks to its Quick Boil 18,000 BTU burner. This cooktop offers unparalleled cooking flexibility, with a range of powerful burners tailored to meet all your culinary needs, spanning from the 5,000 BTU simmer burner to the Quick Boil Burner. Innovative design elements like Backlit LED Knobs and Dishwasher Safe Burner Caps bring both ease and elegance to your cooking and cleaning routines. Prepare meals efficiently while maintaining a sleek and sophisticated kitchen space.

Get to mealtime faster with the Quick Boil Burner
Get dinner served quicker with the Quick Boil Burner, which ensures faster boil times and more robust cooking using its 18,000 BTU of power. Illuminated by Backlit LED knobs, you can effortlessly see when the cooktop is active.

Flexible Five Burner Cooktop
Experience enhanced cooking flexibility with the Flexible Five Burner Cooktop. This cooktop offers five burners that cater to your diverse cooking needs. Among them, you'll find a delicate-food-friendly 5,000 BTU simmer burner and the potent 18,000 BTU Quick Boil Burner for expeditious meal preparation.

Bright, backlit LED Knobs
Bright and luminous, the backlit LED Knobs provide both functionality and style by lighting up when the cooktop is in operation.

Low Simmer Burner
Delicately simmer foods and create exquisite sauces without fear of burning or scorching, thanks to the Low Simmer Burner's gentle, low heat.

Dishwasher Safe Burners Caps
Effortlessly maintain a clean cooktop with Dishwasher Safe Burner Caps that are removable and easy to clean.

Continuous Edge-to-Edge Grates
Cook with convenience and safety, moving heavy pots and pans with ease, thanks to the Continuous Edge-to-Edge Grates that ensure stability and safety across the entire cooktop.

More Information
Brand Frigidaire
Fuel Type Gas
Surface Type Gas Burner
Model Number GCCG3648AS
Product Color Stainless Steel
UPC 012505565793

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