GE Appliances 27" Top Load Washer in White GTW550BMRWS

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GE Appliances 27" Top Load Washer in White GTW550BMRWS

- 27" top load washer, 5 cu. ft. capacity, 14 wash cycles, 6 temperature settings, 800 RPM.

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Product Overview

Combat stubborn stains and manage sizable laundry loads with this expansive GE washer, boasting a generous five-cubic-foot capacity. Featuring a versatile array of 14 cycles, including the SaniFresh cycle for comprehensive bacteria elimination, this washer employs a potent infusor wash system that ensures your garments are impeccably clean. The durable stainless steel tub is engineered to withstand rust and chipping, preserving the integrity of your beloved clothing by preventing peeling and snagging. This washer also incorporates Quiet-by-Design technology and a softly closing lid, ensuring minimal noise disruption and allowing you to launder your clothes at any hour without disturbing others.

SaniFresh Cycle:
Employing higher water temperatures and an extended wash cycle, the SaniFresh Cycle is tailored to eradicate contaminants from household linens effectively.

Durable Stainless Steel Drum:
The enduring stainless steel finish is immune to rust, peeling, chipping, or snags, ensuring a long-lasting, reliable performance.

Deep Rinse Capability:
Opt for a thorough soak with the Deep Rinse feature, enhancing cleaning efficiency and ensuring complete removal of liquid fabric softener from your laundry.

Speed Wash Option:
Perfect for swiftly cleaning smaller loads, the Speed Wash cycle allows you to manage your laundry efficiently and carry on with your day.

Gentle Infusor Wash Mechanism:
With a gentle approach involving slower rotation and reduced water usage, the Infusor Wash System guarantees efficient cleaning while being tender on your garments.

Automatic Load Sensing Technology:
Eliminate the guesswork on laundry day as the washer autonomously determines the appropriate agitation duration and water volume based on the load's size and fabric type.


26.69"W x 26.77"D x 44"H 

More Information
Brand GE Appliances
Energy Star Certified Energy Star Certified
Model Number GTW550BMRWS
Product Dimensions (w x d x h) inch 26.69"W x 26.77"D x 44"H 
Product Color White
MAX Spin Speed (RPM) 800 RPM
UPC 757638370127

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