GE Cafe 36" Electric Cooktop in Stainless Steel CEP90362TSS

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GE Cafe 36" Electric Cooktop in Stainless Steel CEP90362TSS

- 36" electric cooktop, 5 burners, touch-control, child lock.

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Product Overview

Elevate your kitchen with this electric cooktop, designed to be the focal point of your culinary space. With five radiant cooking elements, it offers precise and even heating for your culinary creations. The glide touch controls provide easy access to 19 different settings with just a simple swipe of your finger. The innovative Bluetooth-powered Precision Temperature Control feature allows you to use smart pans for next-level cooking, enabling precise temperature adjustments, much like you do in your oven. Beyond its exceptional functionality, the cooktop boasts a sleek and smooth glass surface that not only is easy to clean but also adds a touch of design sophistication to your kitchen.

  • Achieve lightning-fast cooking with Power Boil on the Tri- and Dual-Ring Elements, featuring a 3,000W Tri-ring element and a 2,200W dual-ring element that can effortlessly accommodate various pan sizes.
  • Experience the convenience of a smooth glass surface that makes cleaning a breeze, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of this electric cooktop.
  • Effortlessly select from 19 different heat settings with a single swipe, thanks to the user-friendly Glide Touch Controls, ensuring precise control of your cooking heat.
  • Embark on a guided culinary journey with Guided Cooking; your burners will autonomously adjust time and temperature in sync with smart pans. Perfectly cooked meals, from delicate scallops to hearty scrambles, await. (Smart pan sold separately.)
  • Achieve precise temperature control with Precision Temperature Control, allowing you to set your burner to an exact degree, perfect for sauces, candies, and frying – not just high, medium, or low.
  • Create a larger cooking surface for items like griddles by connecting and controlling two cooktop burners simultaneously with Synchronized Elements.


29.875"W x 21.5"D x 3.25"H 

More Information
Brand Frigidaire
Surface Type Smooth Top
Model Number CEP90362TSS
Product Color Stainless Steel

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