GE Profile 30" Induction Cooktop in Black PHP7030DTBB

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GE Profile 30" Induction Cooktop in Black PHP7030DTBB

- 4 burners, control lock, black colour ADA compliant. 

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Product Overview

Experience the ultimate cooking control with this efficient Profile induction cooktop. Electromagnetic currents heat your cookware directly, delivering rapid, precise heating. Say goodbye to stubborn burnt-on spills as cleanup becomes effortlessly easy. The Precision Temperature Control eliminates any need for guesswork, allowing you to select the exact temperature for each dish. Plus, the added convenience of smartphone monitoring and control via the SmartHQ app makes your cooking experience even more seamless.

Induction Innovation:
Experience maximum responsiveness with 11 heat settings that use cutting-edge induction technology and glide touch controls. This technology allows the burners to instantly adjust and respond, giving you precise control over your cooking.

Rapid Boiling:
Say goodbye to waiting for water to boil. The induction elements heat your pan directly, not the cooktop surface, which means you can boil water faster and more efficiently.

Precision Cooking:
Achieve culinary perfection with Precision Temperature Control. Set your burner to an exact degree, rather than just low, medium, or high. Whether you're making delicate sauces, candies, or frying, this feature ensures precision from 100 to 500 degrees.

Guided Culinary Adventures:
Take the guesswork out of cooking with guided cooking. Connect a smart pan to your cooktop, and the burners will automatically adjust time and temperature based on a video-guided recipe in the app. Thousands of recipes are available, ensuring you get perfectly cooked dishes every time. (Pan sold separately)

Effortless Cleaning:
With an easy-to-clean induction cooktop featuring a smooth glass surface, cleaning up messes has never been simpler.

Safety First:
This induction cooktop prioritizes your safety. It automatically detects your cookware, so when you remove it, the burner switches off, providing peace of mind.

Efficient Heating:
Electromagnetic currents directly heat your pan, bypassing the cooktop surface, resulting in faster and more efficient heating for your cooking needs.


29.75"W x 21.13"D x 3.25"H 

More Information
Brand GE Profile
Fuel Type Electric
Surface Type Smooth Top Induction
Model Number PHP7030DTBB
Product Color Black

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