Memory Foam Mattress

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Memory Foam Mattress Queen

The best part about your day is the good night’s sleep, which allows you to wake up with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Our selection of queen sized memory foam mattresses includes in a box as well as tight top varieties. We have specifically curated this inventory because we know that all bodies are different, with their own unique set of requirements. Some people find tight tops to be more supportive of the spine while there are others who insist that a soft and plush style gives them more comfort.

Choosing Lastman’s Bad Boy Queen Mattresses

We offer the best and most exclusive deals on foam mattresses in online shopping in Canada. Our products are listed at affordable prices and we are determined to offer sales at the most special and festive occasions of the year. The price of a foam mattress in any of our online store is guaranteed to be lower than the market price, at any given day.

Notwithstanding, our mattresses are curated keeping your health and harmony in mind. We partner with brands that are the best in their class, with the latest technology, research and knowledge in their own respective field. We value your trust in us when you make a purchase, and we ensure that we do our best to keep it.

Why Memory Foam?

Queen sized mattresses in memory foam have gotten more and more versatile, projecting an evolved style in the future. They are durable, breathable, can be cleaned easily, are good for your spine and will last you a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance.

Browse Through The Collection

When looking for a curation of products for you, we pay special attention to comfort as well as style; quality as well as justified price. Our collection has the widest range of the best memory foam mattresses in Canada, which you can order online from the comfort of your own home.

Make Your Bedroom Your Sacred Space

Every space is different, casting a unique restful experience to the people who live there. Bedrooms, especially, need to be the restful sanctuaries we require for replenishing ourselves after long days of continuous physical as well as mental work. Be it special occasions like Christmas, or just regular Sunday mornings, you should wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It is a necessity for you, if you want to keep good health.

Sleep Well!

Mattresses can be bought cheap and will serve the purpose just fine, but they won’t add to your health. Stiffness of the back, neck cramps and poor quality of sleep are all directly related to problematic mattresses.

Thus, the specialities of the memory foam mattress are numerous and as follows.

  • Comfortable to the highest degree. It adjusts your spine and curvature, taking the shape of your body to accommodate better.
  • The various layers ensure that the bumps and dents that grow on other mattresses over periods of regular usage, are not encountered with our mattresses.
  • The material is soft, breathable and controls regular body odour that has a tendency to persist.
  • The sale price is the lowest for online sale of memory foam mattress in the country.
  • The quality of the available brands can resourcefully be trusted.
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