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Have The Leisure Of Serene Sleep On Our King Size Mattress

Are you tired of having sleepless nights because of the discomfort of your bed? 7 out of 10 cases of sleepless nights account for a miserable mattress. Yes, you read that right! It is time for you to switch to a comfy mattress that fits you like a glove.

Lastman’s Bad Boy has an attractive array of king size mattresses that provide a feeling of luxury and comfort, all the while taking gentle care of your back and spine. Gift yourself a relaxing sleep for years to come with premium mattresses on sale at the most affordable prices in Canada.

Shop from Home

Online shopping has the joys of sitting in the comfort of your own home, multitasking throughout the day or enjoying a well-deserved break, and rewarding yourself with our softest, dreamiest and drool-worthy mattresses that will make you stay in bed for just a little while longer.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good snack break in-between the long work-from-home hours and unending zoom meetings? Unwind by catching an afternoon nap, or watch Netflix without worrying about a sore back. Our range of expertly-crafted king size mattress ensures that you get quality rest, no matter how long you spend on your bed.

Why Lastman’s Bad Boy?

Years of shopping and retail experience has taught us that quality will always matter above quantity. While being picky is probably not a good habit in eating healthy, we pride ourselves on being picky when it comes to our inventory. Our selection of products are from brands that we trust completely for their quality of items- something that also makes them leading businesses in their respective fields.

Our collection of mattresses are a hundred percent the best of the flock. We value the trust that our customers have on us, and we attest to the healthy materials that are used to make the mattresses more breathable, light and airy. The king size mattress that you will select for purchase will be fully trustworthy and will become an essential part of your lifestyle, we can promise you that.

Look Out For These Gems!

If you’ve never been mattress shopping and have no clue how to pick the right fit, fret not because we are here to help. Beginners will find it very overwhelming to choose because all the mattresses might seem good. Here are some pointers for you to keep an eye on, while you browse through the mattress collection.

  1. Take the size into consideration. Even though most of the beds and mattresses have a standard size of manufacture, it might vary slightly from one brand to another. Pay close attention to this fact while you’re looking.
  2. It is always wise to know if you have any back problems and if you do, then you need to know the intensity of it. Regular mattresses might not work well if you have a bad back. It doesn’t mean that mattress quality is bad. It simply means that your back requires a medically curated mattress made to relieve your back stress.
  3. Familiarise yourself with different materials and styles of mattresses. Coiled, memory foam and stuffed mattresses are all good- just depends on what your back is used to. Choosing the wrong material of mattress can lead to a perfectly healthy back getting painful over time.

Good luck!

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