Social Media Guidelines


Lastman’s Bad Boy welcomes all customers and users on all social media channels to participate, provided it complies with the following Terms of Use. Guidelines are in place to ensure all users can participate safely and freely.


Terms and Guidelines 

By communicating and contacting Lastman’s Bad Boy’s Social Media Channels, users are agreeing with the following Terms and Conditions. Terms are subject to change at any given time:


  1. Be respectful to other users and Bad Boy representatives on all social media platforms.
  2. Do not engage in harassment or abuse towards other users, retailers, or Bad Boy representatives.
  3. Refrain from violent, hateful, and discriminatory language and/or incite violence towards other users, retailers or Bad Boy Representatives.
  4. All Bad Boy branded images, slogans and logos are trademarked by Lastman’s Bad Boy. Any changes or use of trademarked content is prohibited.  
  5. Do not use Bad Boy social media channels to advertise or sell for commercial purposes.
  6. Do not post personal information such as order numbers, phone numbers, addresses, or other online details for public display.
  7. Do not impersonate/represent other individuals, Lastman’s Bad Boy, or retail companies.
  8. Must abide by all rules hosted by Lastman’s Bad Boy’s Social Channels.


Lastman’s Bad Boy works diligently to monitor all posts, comments and messages however all messages will be reviewed during our hours of operation. The user must acknowledge all content posted on Bad Boy’s social media channels aside from content posted by the Lastman’s Bad Boy accounts reflects the opinions and beliefs of the user alone. Lastman’s Bad Boy reserves the right to delete content, messages, and comments that violate the user terms and conditions.

Customer Service:

If there are any compliments or suggestions you would like to make regarding Lastman’s Bad Boy, please refer to the link here to fill out a Feedback Form.

Lastman’s Bad Boy Content:

All social media content created, contributed and distributed by Lastman’s Bad Boy remains the property of Bad Boy. Lastman’s Bad Boy reserves all rights to content.



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