To provide our customers with added peace of mind, Lastman's Bad Boy has instituted the Solid Gold Warranty program. These extended warranty programs are available on appliances, electronics, furniture, and mattresses. (*The mattresses program is also referred to as our "Sleeptrust" program). For a nominal investment the customer gets access to manufacturer trained and authorized service centers for the duration of the warranty subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable extended warranty. The vast majority of service is done through in-home visits by the appropriate technicians (exceptions apply).

The minimum cost of service calls for appliances by factory trained and authorized technicians can run anywhere from $80 to $180 plus parts for appliances. Electronics technicians can cost anywhere from $129 and up for the initial call. Depending on the product and the issue, the Solid Gold Warranty will pay for itself if you need just one or two service calls.

For Service under the Solid Gold Appliance and Electronic Warranty call our Customer Service Department. Our Customer Service Department can be reached at 416-667-7546 ext. 350, toll free at 877-888-0050 ext. 350 or via email at service@nooobody.com

The Customer Service Department is open Mon-Friday from 9 A.M to 6 P.M. and Saturdays from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. The voicemail is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For service under a Fabric, Leather, or Comprehensive extended warranty call Solid Gold Furniture at 1-877-888-0050 ex 350.

Some of the highlights of our Appliance/Electronics Warranty include:

  • For major appliances - 24, 48 or 50 months of additional coverage.
  • For consumer electronics - from 36 to 50 months of warranty depending on the product.
  • The No Lemon Guarantee (only on fifty month plan) - if the same part breaks more than three times we will replace the product.
  • Exchange for a new unit or in-store credit at our discretion.
  • Up to $250 food spoilage on stand alone freezers (only on 50 month plan).
  • Parts & Labour.
  • Transferable if you sell the covered product.
  • Renewable (at Bad Boy's discretion).
  • Authorized, Trained Technicians.
  • No deductibles.
  • Your calls answered by professional Customer Service Specialists.
  • In-store credit of 50% of extended warranty price if you have no claims on the fifty month plan*.
  • Warranty starts from the date of delivery. The first 50 months at full product value for the warranty, and 50% of full product value starting at month 51.

Wood, Leather and Fabric warranties are available for 5 year terms. Lastman's Bad Boy offers you the Sleep Smart Comfort protection plan. Offering you complete satisfaction or 100% comfort exchange within 6 month delivery! Complete details* are available at any Lastman's Bad Boy location.

Mattress pads are also available at all Lastman's Bad Boy locations; these prevent stains from transferring to the actual mattress. Even though most mattresses come with a long manufacturer warranty, these warranties will be voided if your mattress is stained.

We recommend that all customers keep copies of their sales bill and warranty for future service. It is also beneficial to review these warranties for service procedures and policies prior to placing a claim to ensure an efficient claims process.

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